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Praxis Mining is a Canada based mineral exploration company. The aim for the exploration is to develop full scale mining for physical supply of Iron ore, Manganese, and Zinc ore. Our portfolio is vast ranging from Iron ore,  mining, Steel making raw material, namely HMS, PNS,Shredded steel scrap, Limestone, Coal as well non-ferrous.

Our portfolio of growth, has made us one of the fastest growing successful business in mining industry. We strongly believe in team work in all aspects of our activities. We have built trust and relationships with all our customers, across the globe. Our Agro trading divisions are active in Soyabean meal, Thai Rice and Rapeseed in long term suppliess.

Praxis is developing two mines currently. One in British Columbia and another in New Brunswick, Canada. In addition we are in process of getting new exploration permits in Newfoundland and Ontario.
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